« BackMotorists warned to be vigilant as rutting season gets underway

The Wild Deer Association of Ireland says accidents involving deer are still a ‘rare occurrence’ although there has been an increase in recent years.

Red Deer Stag at Killarney National Park. Photograph taken by John Delea of the Wild Deer Association.

The association has issued its annual appeal for motorists to be vigilant as rutting season begins. The number of accidents involving deer is estimated between 400 and 500 annually, though none of the reported accidents were fatal. The increase is attributed to the expansion of the road network and the increased range of the deer. The Wild Deer Association of Ireland warns that tensions are rising in the deer population as breeding season gets underway. It’s also a time for increased road traffic accidents as stags go in search of a doe and younger males are ousted, forcing them to cross roads and motorways. The Wild Deer Association is calling on motorists to be especially vigilant at dusk and dawn. Motorists should reduce their speed and stay alert and always prepare to stop. The association also warns that if you are involved in an accident, never approach an injured deer and immediately contact the local garda station.