« BackMEP says Europe needs to invest in airports like Kerry

Europe needs to invest in regional airports like Kerry, according the Fine Gael MEP Deirdre Clune.
The Ireland South MEP has been successful in including regional airports in an important EU report on the future of aviation.

The report which is going to the European Commission sets out the wishes of MEPs in advance of the release of an EU wide aviation policy document.

Ms Clune has concerns for regional airports and their future viability after 2024 when government aid will no longer be permitted under EU rules.

She says Europe is focusing too much on large airports like Dublin, London and Amsterdam and that small and regional airports like Kerry take the pressure off the larger hub airports.

The MEP says they drive tourism and foreign direct investment into parts of rural Ireland and increase general connectivity.

She says rather than being added on to policy documents as an afterthought, small and regional airports like Kerry should become pillars of the EU´s growth and Jobs Strategy.