« BackMaharees Conservation Association calls for on-the-spot fines to curb sand dune damage

Maharees Conservation Association is calling for greater policing, on-the-spot fines and a review of beach by-laws to curb sand dune erosion in the area.

Banna Beach Sandunes

Concern is growing that illegal camping on sand dunes in Maharees is accelerating erosion.

There are also fears human interference is contributing to the decimation of Marum Grass on the dunes, which when trampled or burned, may degrade and die off.

Martin Lynch of Maharees Conservation Association said numerous illegal camping last weekend wrought major damage on the dunes.

He said up to 20 vehicles, parked in an area of two acres, had up to eleven different encampments, many with bonfires.

The sand dunes are vulnerable habitats he said and the group is calling for a review of beach by-laws: