« BackLegislation published to de-designate raised bogs

Legislation has been published which will de-designate 46 raised bogs, including one in Kerry.


Bunnaruddee Bog near Moyvane is included in the plan to reform the country’s Raised Bog Natural Heritage Area Network.
The Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, Heather Humphreys has published legislation, which will reconfigure the Raised Bog Natural Heritage Area (NHA) Network.

It’s proposed to de-designate 39 raised bog NHAs, and to partly de-designate a further seven.

The only site proposed for de-designation in Kerry is Bunnaruddee Bog near Moyvane.

A further 25 bogs across the country, which are in public ownership or where there’s reduced turf cutting pressure, will be designated as protected habitats under this plan, however the Department hasn’t yet publically identified these areas.

Minister Humphreys says under the reconfigured network, there’ll be approximately 2,500 fewer actively cut turf plots.