« BackKerry tops number of water supplies on EPA remedial action list

The Environmental Protection Agency  says more than a quarter of  the nation’s water supplies  that need remedial action are in Kerry.


According to the EPA, most people living in Kerry are served by drinking water supplies that need improvement.

The EPA says the purpose of its remedial action list is to focus Irish Water’s attention on resolving the most serious deficiencies in public water supplies.
The most recent census shows Kerry’s population at over 145 thousand and according to the EPA, more than 130 thousand  in the county are being served by drinking water supplies on its remedial action list.

Thirty two  Kerry schemes are on this list out of a national total of 109.

The Environmental Protection Agency says of the 32 schemes, improvements to 17 water supplies in this county have been delayed.

These 17 are on the list for several reasons including elevated levels of pesticides as well as trihalomethanes, which  are usually a by-product of chlorine used to disinfect water.

Other reasons include a failure to meet E.coli and other standards relating to faecal contamination and inadequate treatment for cryptosporidium.

The EPA says Irish Water’s indicated that completion dates for these supplies, which include Lough Guitane, Central Regional; Sheheree and Lisarboola public water supplies have slipped with some completion dates extended by two years.

The EPA says it’s started a programme of targeted enforcement to ensure water supplies on its priority list are made safe and secure.