« BackKerry TD calls for change of Fine Gael leader before September

A Kerry Fine Gael TD is calling for a change of leader in the party before the Dail returns from the summer recess.

Brendan Griffin
Brendan Griffin has this morning issued a statement on what he describes as the challenges currently facing the party and government.

Deputy Brendan Griffin says a change of leader before the Dail returns in September may be Fine Gael’s last chance of an orderly transition to new leadership before the next general election.
The TD says he doesn’t trust Micheal Martin not to manufacture a reason for a general election during budget negotiations especially given that Fianna Fail is resurgent in the polls.
Deputy Griffin says the party’s lack of preparedness for an election because of the leadership issue is severely weakening their negotiating position versus Fianna Fail and the Independents.
The backbencher continues by saying the interests of Enda Kenny and Fine Gael are diverging and the party cannot go into the summer without confronting the leadership issue, which is the elephant in the room
Deputy Griffin says if the matter is not dealt with the party would be decimated in the case of an election and Fianna Fail would most likely return to power in large numbers.