« BackKerry PNA hopeful dispute can be resolved at WRC talks

PNA Psychiatric Nurses AssociationThe Kerry branch organiser of the Psychiatric Nurses Association is hopeful that the national dispute over the retention and recruitment of nurses to the mental health service, can be resolved at talks at the Workplace Commission next week.

130 nurses in Kerry and 4,500 nationally are involved in the dispute.

Country wide industrial action has been on-going within the mental health service since the 29th of June and talks have been taking place for the last number of weeks.

Following a meeting on Wednesday, the union’s national executive agreed to go to the talks to discuss productivity required to secure €5,500 payment for community mental health nurses, which was discontinued for new entrants in 2012.

In the interim, the PNA will continue its work-to-rule but will not escalate its industrial action to an overtime ban, which would have had a severe impact on services for patients.

Most of the issues the PNA have had, have been dealt with, Cormac Williams, branch organiser with the PNA in Kerry is quiet hopeful two remaining issues can be resolved next week: