« BackKerry MEP calls for increase in supertrawler surveillance following dolphin deaths

Kerry MEP Seán Kelly is calling for increased action along Irish coast in maximising super trawler inspections following an increase in dolphin deaths.

Sean Kelly MEP2

The Ireland South MEP is calling for regular on-board inspections of super trawlers, fishing off the Irish coast, to ensure they are fully compliant with EU Common Fisheries Policy.

The Fine Gael MEP and Kilcummin native is asking the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) to review and maximise inspections when trawlers are operating off the coast.

Last July, three dead dolphins were found in the space of one week, one with a rope around its tail.

It’s reported large super trawlers are currently operating around 30km off the coast of Kerry.

In a response received by MEP Kelly this week, the European Commission said it will “take note of the recent death of dolphins along the south-west coast of Ireland”.

The response also outlined, the European Commission has “tabled a revised technical measures proposal which aims to ensure better protection of cetaceans and alignment of by-catch levels.”.

The European Commission confirmed it is carrying out audits to ensure Ireland is complying with its obligations and has an effective monitoring, control and surveillance system in place.

Ireland became the first European country to declare all Irish waters a dolphin and whale sanctuary in 1991.