« BackKerry General Election Tallies at 11am

Tallies are showing both Michael Healy Rae and his brother Danny are in line to take two seats in Kerry.
Fianna Fail’s John Brassil is also looking strong to take a seat based on tallies.
Indications from the tallies are that there will be a fight between Jimmy Deenihan, Brendan Griffin and Martin Ferris for the final two seats.
70 boxes are now (11am) open out of 212 in the Kerry General Election Count.
The count is taking place in the Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre.
16 candidates are vying for 5 seats including five outgoing TDs.

Estimated quota is over 13,400 and estimated turnout is 69.2 per cent.

Tallies at 11am show
Brassil, John, FF – 2,920
Corcorcan, Donal, Renua – 209
Deenihan, Jimmy, FG – 2,275
Ferris, Martin, SF – 2,730
Finucane, Brian, PBP/AAA – 281
Fitzgerald, Michael, Green Party – 210
Fitzgibbon, Mary, Ind – 207
Gaynor, Henry, Ind – 61
Griffin, Brendan, FG – 2,613
Healy-Rae, Danny, Ind – 3,328
Healy-Rae, Michael, Ind – 6,918
Moriarty, Norma, FF – 1,244
Murphy, Kevin, Ind – 126
O’Donnell, Grace, FG – 206
O’Gorman, Michael Pixie, Ind – 508
Spring, Arthur, Lab – 1,362