« BackKerry farmers warned to be vigilant about dangers of water pollution

Inland Fisheries Ireland

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has issued an appeal to all farmers in Kerry to be extremely vigilant at this time of year when harvesting silage and spreading slurry to avoid water pollution.

Silage operations are ongoing all summer and silage effluent has the potential to cause devastating pollution in streams and rivers.

According to the IFI Silage effluent is one of the most polluting substances to threaten the environment and can cause massive fish kills if it enters a watercourse.

They are also warning that slurry spread on grassland over the summer months can wipe out fish and invertebrate life if allowed to enter a stream.
Dr Greg Forde, Head of Operations at IFI, said that slurry spreading should only be carried out in dry weather, and not when heavy rain is forecast.