« BackKerry farmers paying more for concrete and stone

Farmers in Kerry are paying substantially more for building materials than their counterparts in other counties.
That’s according to the IFA Building Material Survey which reveals price differentials of up to 38% when it comes to trunking-stone and concrete. Farmers in Kerry pay up to 33% more per cubic metre for concrete. That’s according to IFA Input Project Team Chairperson James McCarthy who is challenging building material suppliers to explain the price difference. The IFA Building Materials Survey shows the national average price for concrete per cubic metre is €69 – but farmers in Kerry are paying up to €85. The survey also reveals a 38% price differential in four-inch trunking-stone – the national per tonne average is €8.55 while farmers in Kerry are being charged up to €11 per tonne. Mr McCarthy says this is costing farmers in Kerry thousands each year. He has called on farmers to challenge building materials suppliers to ensure fair and competitive prices.