« BackKerry doctor says most GPs are meeting requirements

Dr Gary Stack Killarney from his twitterA Kerry doctor says most GPs are meeting professional education requirements.
That’s despite claims from the Medical Council’s CEO that around 30 per cent of doctors in Ireland aren’t completing the necessary 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development.
Killarney GP Gary Stack, who’s the Continuing Medical Education Tutor in South Kerry, thinks there’s a much higher rate of GPs completing CPD – he’d estimate it to be well over 90 per cent.
He says while most are adhering to the rules, the need to carry out 50 hours of training can be costly, and doctors have become busier in the past two years with free GP care for under 6s.
Dr Stack feels however that the biggest barrier is the completion of an audit as part of the CPD requirement; he says GPs aren’t trained to do them.