« BackKerry councillor says root and branch investigation into property tax bands needed

A Kerry County Councillor says a root and branch investigation is needed into housing valuations and the bands of the property tax.

Niall Kelleher 1

The majority of people in the county are paying 90 euro a year in property tax as their homes were valued at under 100,000 euro.

However, as house prices recover many people in Kerry could see that figure jump to the next band of 225 euro.

The base rates will be examined nationally in 2019 but local authorities still have discretion to increase or decrease those rates by 15 per cent.

The tax is worth 11 million euro annually to Kerry County Council to cover the cost of services, including 750,000 euro for the Community Fund; this means the majority of councillors would be in favour of leaving the rate unchanged.

Cllr Niall Kelleher says the bands of the tax need to be looked at: