« BackKenmare businesses consider withholding rates over market trading row

Businesses in Kenmare are considering withholding rates from Kerry County Council in frustration at the lack of progress in dealing with casual trading in the town.Kenmare-Market

At the Kenmare Marketing and Events Group AGM, a motion was passed to take a more stringent line with the council including a proposal to withhold payment of rates to the council.
If the proposal meets with the agreement of business owners, then the Kenmare Marketing and Events Group will facilitate a separate bank account that rates will be paid into. Kerry County Council would have sight of the account but no access to it.

No rates would be paid until the market trading issues in Kenmare are given priority by the council and agreed trading bye laws are passed and agreed by the council and the Kenmare rate payers.

In an email to members KMEG state that businesses in Kenmare have been fighting for better regulation of trading in the town since 1997 and have not been listened to by the council and no progress has been made.

The issue was due to go before the courts last year with both market traders and Kenmare businesses taking separate cases against council proposed draft bye laws –  however the council withdrew the bye laws days before the court hearing.

The lack of agreed regulation in Kenmare has seen an increasing number of larger stalls operating in the town as well as business owners putting tables and chairs onto the streets and has been described as chaotic in the past.