« BackIncrease in rate of recycling at Kerry’s bottle banks

recycle, recycling, Bottle banksKerry has a strong culture of recycling – with almost 3,350 tonnes of bottles and cans being collected in the county each year.

That’s according to figures from the council’s Environmental department, which also show that recycling at the various bottle banks in Kerry has increased year on year.
Paul O’Connor from Kerry County Council’s Environmental section, was responding to a complaint from a Radio Kerry listener in Tralee, who says the council doesn’t empty the bottle bank facilities in the town, often enough.

He says there are eight bottle banks in Tralee town, and a dedicated contractor within the waste industry has the contract to empty these on behalf of the local authority.

These bottle banks are emptied on a rota basis, and the contractor also responds to requests to empty specific bottle banks, if and when the need arises.

This normally happens at busy tourist spots or after festivals.
Kerry County Council has dedicated staff members who clean and monitor the various sites in Kerry, where they inspect the 100 or so bottle banks within the county and responds to illegal dumping.
Mr O’Connor says that while they have CCTV at specific bottle bank locations, some people go to extreme lengths to avoid detection – including covering their faces and heads from the camera and leaving boxes and rubbish at the base of the bins.

He says the council has taken illegal dumping cases to court; but is at the discretion of the courts in the matter of imposing fines.