« BackHSE issues advice to parents on foot of measles outbreak

Authorities have advised Kerry parents to contact their GP if they suspect their child has measles.

measles rash from NHS Wales

The HSE is asking parents not to bring their children to GP surgeries if they fear their children have measles as the disease is airborne and contagious.

A person infected with measles may not present in the traditional way and may be well for up to seven days after being infected.

Dr Martin Boyd is a consultant at University Hospital Kerry’s emergency department.

He says following exposure, a patient may develop a  runny nose, watery eye, cough or fever.

It’s only then the rash appears on the face and head before spreading to the body.

Dr Boyd says if parents suspect their child has contracted the virus, to keep them at home and contact their GP:

University Hospital Kerry General Manager Maria Godley says the spread of the disease in  Kerry  is worrying.

University Hospital Kerry3

Ms Godley says the the start of the outbreak can be traced to a person who flew into Kerry Airport in April.

There are now 15 recorded cases of  measles in Kerry.

She says if a positive measles case is identified, the race is on to isolate the patient and track all possible exposures: