« BackHigh Court hears former Rehab CEO self-harmed after appearing before PAC

rehabAngela Kerins, former CEO of Rehab, says she tried to take her own life as a way to resolve the controversy surrounding the charity in 2014.
The High Court has begun hearing her case against the Public Accounts Committee for its handling of a probe into her management of the charity.

Angela Kerins was called to a PAC hearing in February 2014 – a time when Rehab’s salary and pension bill was very much in the spotlight.
She described it as a “witchhunt” and said the tone of the meeting quickly became judgemental with members examining and re-examining her about what she considered to be “wholly private matters” including her €240,000 salary.
She said she was overwhelmed by the media storm that followed with hundreds of articles portraying her as some sort of villain.
She was seen by a psychiatrist a few days after and later transferred to a hospital in Dublin.
While there, she said she became convinced that her death was the only way to resolve the controversy and protect both the organisation and her family.
Back at her home, the court heard she wrote suicide notes and took a large quantity of pills and alcohol. A concerned friend raised the alarm and she was rescued.
She claims PAC acted outside its powers and is suing them for the damage the hearing caused to her health.