« BackHealy-Rae Wins Fight To Remain In Same Dail Seat

michael healy rae TD kerry southA Kerry TD has won his fight to remain in the same Dail seat he has had for the last five years.

According to the Sunday Business Post it ends a saga that has prevented TDs from voting electronically for the last two months.

The row started when several Independent TDs including Michael Healy-Rae refused to move seats in order to facilitate the demands of an enlarged Fianna Fail party with the Independents arguing that they should occupy the same seats as they did in the last Dail.

The standoff meant that TDs had to vote by passing through division lobbies in the Dail chamber which took several minutes longer than e-voting.

Michael along with his brother Danny Healy-Rae and four other rural independents will sit in the first two rows of the right hand corner of the chamber for e-voting.