« BackGrowth in goods shipped from Tralee Fenit Port

Tralee-Fenit Port is continuing to ships more goods.

Fenit marina boats ship MM

Figures from the Central Statistics Office show that 32,000 tonnes were handled at the Kerry port last year.


Nationally, Irish ports received and forwarded 51 million tonnes of goods in 2015, an annual increase of 3 million tonnes.


CSO figures show 32,000 tonnes of break bulk and other goods were forwarded from Tralee Fenit Port during 2015.


10,000 of that was to ports in European countries excluding Ireland and Great Britain, but the majority 22,000 tonnes went to ports in non-European countries.


There’s been constant growth in the amount of goods handled at Tralee Fenit Port in recent years; it’s up 20,000 tonnes over five years, rising from 12,000 in 2010 to 32,000 tonnes last year.


This bucks the national trend for goods forwarded which fell by 7.5% to 17 million tonnes in 2015.


Nationally, goods received increased last year by 16% to almost 34 million tonnes.