« BackForeign Affairs Minister confirms “spike” in people inquiring about Irish passports

Irish passportThe Foreign Affairs Minister’s warning that a surge in Irish passport applications from the UK could cause issues for those needing one urgently.
Charlie Flanagan was speaking in the Dáil where statements on the British decision to leave the EU are taking place today.
Meanwhile billions have been wiped off the value of Irish shares today as markets continue to deal with the fallout of the BREXIT vote.

The Taoiseach started the debate with a swipe at the founding EEC member states who met at the weekend and suggested a quick BREXIT should happen.
Enda Kenny said only the full Council of all member states would make decisions, adding it wouldn’t be speedy.
And he declared that no-one wanted a hard border to return between North and South.
He also called for a common cross party response – something the Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin also said was needed.
The Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan confirmed there had been a spike in interest in Irish passports in recent days, but he says as a BREXIT won’t happen for over two years there was no rush.
Meanwhile between 6 and 7 billion euro was wiped off the value of Irish shares as the ISEQ closed down over 9% as global markets continue to deal with the uncertainty of the BREXIT vote.