« BackFilming for ‘pivotal’ Star Wars scene said to be underway at Dún Chaoin

Shooting for pivotal scenes in the Star Wars franchise is said to be underway in Dún Chaoin today.

An estimated crew of up to 500 people have been involved in the Ceann Sibéal shoot west of Dingle over the past five days.

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Stars Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver are said to have filmed scenes at the Ceann Sibéal set over the past five days.

Fight scenes at the cliffs and a crash scene involving smoke have all been witnessed by locals in the area.

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A structure separate to the Beehive Village, which could resemble a ship of sorts, has also been constructed close to the original set on the headland.

Today two helicopters have arrived at An Dún Mór in Dún Chaoin today to shoot of, sources say, a pivotal scene at Connemoule.

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The six day shoot is expected to conclude this week.

Meanwhile, the stars have been enjoying their time in Dingle with Adam Driver spotted working out at WK Fitness.

Mr Driver is au fait with Kerry – having shot a fashion spread for Vogue Magazine in Killarney three years ago.