« BackFascinating exhibition of North Kerry coastline opens at Kerry County Library

A fascinating exhibition featuring fossils and other materials from the North Kerry coastline, is currently open to the public at Kerry County Library.

Ballybunion Beach
The exhibits come from a geological survey of North Kerry’s beaches, carried out by a number of Kerry people, along with geologists from Poland and the UK.
The survey focuses on the Carboniferous period, which goes back 350 million years, and features mounted fossils, as well as photos and details of marine and bird life.
Included in the exhibition are Quartz Crystals, also known as ‘Kerry Diamonds’, which were once plentiful in Ballyheigue, and collected by Queen Victoria during her visit to Kerry.
Later this month, the exhibition will move to the North Kerry Museum outside Ballyduff, and it’s hoped that school children from throughout the county will have a chance to see it.
Seán Quinlan, who was involved in compiling the material, says we often don’t realise the significance of our surroundings: