« BackDispute over the issuing of additional jarvey licences in Killarney begins before the High Court

A dispute over the issuing of additional jarvey licences in Killarney has begun before the High Court.

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Killarney Jaunting Cars Ltd has brought proceedings arising out of what it claims is Kerry County Council’s failure to deal with its request to issue new licenses or re-issue expired ones. The company currently holds eight of the 37 licences, issued by the council. The operation of a horse drawn carriage service in Killarney without a licence is an offence under local by laws. The licence is also a prerequisite for jarveys seeking a permit from the National Parks and Wildlife Service allowing them bring passengers into Killarney National Park.  The company, which gets most of its business from tour operators, local hotels and internet bookings, says there has been an extra demand for jarvey services in Killarney in recent years. It claims that in order to satisfy the demand it made a request to Killarney Town Council, whose functions have since been taken over by Kerry County Council, in respect of obtaining extra licences.  The company says the local authority has failed to deal with its requests. The company wants the High Court to order the council to determine annually the number of licences for horse drawn hackney carriages in accordance with the law and the legitimate expectation of Killarney Jaunting Cars Ltd. The Council has opposed the action and has urged the court to dismiss the case. In its statement of opposition, the local authority said any order requiring it to issue fresh licences runs contrary to the common good.