« BackCreation of Social Interaction Space leads to defecation and intimidation in Killarney

The removal of the public toilet at Fair Hill, Killarney has resulted in people defecating on graves and the intimidation of hotel staff.

Bronze deer statue, Killarney
A group of Killarney business owners and community members made a deputation this morning to Killarney Municipal District.
Fr David representing the Friary told the meeting that people are urinating in their gardens and inside the Friary wall and it’s the first thing people see coming into Killarney.
Fr. David also said they have found people urinating and defecating on the graves of Friars in their graveyard, which is very disturbing for them.

The Friary, Killarney
The Friary has one toilet for those attending the church and he says many of their elderly church goers are quite nervous as a result of intimidation by people hanging around outside.
Meanwhile, Clare Scally of the Royal Hotel, told of the fear and intimidation felt by her staff having refused the use of their toilets to members of the public.
She says they refuse 25 people on an average nightly and that gardaí have advised her to hire a bouncer 7 nights a week.
In response Killarney Municipal District Manager Angela McAllen and Senior Engineer Paul Neary said they felt that 4 public toilets in Killarney is adequate.
They are located at the Ha Ha, New Street Car Park, High Street Car Park and the Town Park.
The meeting heard that the toilets in Fair Hill were removed as they were beyond repair and presented health and safety concerns.
They have made way for a social interaction space.
Cllr Danny Healy Rae suggested constructing new toilets behind the Court house, Cllr Donal Grady suggested a toilet in the Culture Centre and Cllr john Joe Culloty suggested toilets at Aras Padraig.