« BackCourt instructs Ardfert couple to keep terrier named Humphrey in their bedroom

The owners of a terrier named Humphrey have been instructed to keep him in their bedroom.


A summons brought before Tralee District Court alleged the dog was barking excessively and causing a nuisance.

Denis Lawlor, of 2 Casement’s View, Ardfert, brought a complaint against his neighbours Helen and James Fitzgerald of 3 Casement’s View, Ardfert, alleging their terrier was barking excessively.

The respondents’ solicitor Pat Mann told the court the dog came from animal rescue in March of this year and asked Mr Lawlor if the barking was so excessive, why hadn’t he approached his neighbours about it.

Mr Mann claimed there was “bad feeling” between the neighbours due to a prior situation involving “a fine tree”.

Mr Lawlor denied this, saying “I like dogs, but I don’t want him barking near my back door”.

Mr Fitzgerald told the court the terrier’s name was Humphrey, claiming he was not a “cross dog”, adding they had another dog in the house, a Labrador for the sight-impaired named Yazer.

Judge James O’Connor said Humphrey needs to be kept in the room furthest away from Mr Lawlor’s; in this absence of a sitting room this proved to be the bedroom.

Otherwise the judge said Humphrey would be muzzled and possibly sent to the dog warden for disposal.

The matter was adjourned until January 4th for review.