« BackCount eight sees two candidates eliminated in Kerry

Michael Pixie O’Gorman (IND) and Brian Finucane (PBP/AAA) have been eliminated following count 8 in Kerry.
Count eight was the distribution of Michael Fitzgerald (Green Party) 1,222 votes.
Still three seats to play for with four contenders.
Michael and Danny Healy-Rae claimed the first two seats; making history in the process.
The quota is 13,213.
The turnout in the new five seat constituency was 70.7 %
Following count eight the remainder of the candidates stand as follows:
After count eight – here is how the field stands….
1. Brendan Griffin FG– 11,223 (+224)
2. Martin Ferris SF – 10,583 (+93)
3. John Brassil FF – 9,242 (+105)
4. Jimmy Deenihan FG– 7,326 (+69)
5. Arthur Spring LAB- 5,601 (+245)
6. Norma Moriarty FF– 5,252(+80)
7. Michael Pixie O’Gorman IND– 1,674 (+85)
8. Brian Finucane PBP/AAA – 1,429 (+168)
Returning Officer Padraig Burke has now announced he will eliminate Michael Pixie O’Gorman and Brian Finucane and distribute their votes for count 8.
3,103 votes are to be distributed.