« BackCouncillor claims interest in Japanese Knotweed recipes could exacerbate its spread

People seeking to make Japanese Knotweed into a tasty strudel could be causing more harm than good.


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That’s according to Sinn Féin Cllr Robert Beasley who says baking tips imparted in recent times – on the use of noxious weed in a variety of desserts – may only lead to the further spread of the highly invasive species.

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Fine Gael Cllr Liam Putill tabled a motion at Listowel Municipal District’s monthly meeting, calling on the council to address the presence of Japanese Knotweed in the Ballylongford area.

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Senior Engineer John Sheehan said the cost of spraying the weed is prohibitive and all that could be done for now is try and limit its spread and highlight to people “not to touch the thing”.

Japanese Knotweed

Sinn Féin Cllr Robert Beasley however said recent suggestions that knotweed can be incorporated into ‘strudels and desserts’ could potentially encourage people to interact more with the weed.

A spike in interest in knotweed based recipes could actually exacerbate the problem he said.

A previous meeting of Kerry County Council heard Cllr John Joe Cullotty had eaten homemade tarts and jams containing Japanese Knotweed at a conference on the plant. He had said the dishes he sampled at the event were quite delicious.

Cllr Beasley did not indicate however if these were the particular knotweed recipes he was referring to.