« BackCouncil seeks family of Killarney World War Two heroine to come forward

Killarney Municipal District is seeking living relatives of Jane McCarthy – a World War Two unsung heroine to make themselves known.
Cllr Michael Gleeson has requested the local authority erect a memorial in her honour.

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Jane McCarthy was born in New Street, Killarney in January 1885, she left Killarney in 1910 to work as an au pair and later become a teacher after graduating from Sorbonne University in Paris.
Jane McCarthy was an active member of the Resistance while France was occupied during the Second World War
Cllr Gleeson told a meeting of Killarney Municipal District that her apartment was used as a safe haven and like Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty in Italy she led many to safety from Paris and across international frontiers.

Most of her earnings were spent on the welfare of internees and French resistance men in hiding from the Germans.
Her heroism has already been recognised in France, Britain and the United States.
Kerry County Council is to arrange a meeting with Cllr Gleeson for a memorial plaque to be erected with a suitable inscription to honour the works and achievements of Jane McCarthy.