« BackCouncil says it can’t provide housing if applicants fail to respond to information request

Only 35% of applicants contacted by Kerry County Council to update their accommodation needs have responded to their requests for information

The council contacted applicants in order to make an objective assessment of the actual housing needs presently.

In presenting the housing services report to the monthly meeting of Kerry County Council, Director of Services John Breen said 65% of applicant had not responded.

John Breen Kerry County Council Director of Housing & Social Support, Director of Community & Enterprise

He said the council were now faced with the situation of possibly having to remove people from the housing list and that the council can’t provide housing if they don’t have the necessary information.

Mr Breen added, in order to deal with the low response rate and to ensure the council has an accurate housing list reflective of current need, a number of proposals have been put forward.

These include rigorous tracing of existing applicants, advertisements in local media and letters issued from the local authority to clients.

The council will then examine each client’s application on a case by case basis to determine if the applicant household is no longer in housing need or has left the area of authority.

If it is determined that there is no longer a need, or if they have left Kerry, they will then be removed from the list and the application closed.