« BackClaims Corca Dhuibhne man was reprimanded for speaking Irish in a Cork workplace

A West Kerry man’s claimed he was told he couldn’t speak Irish in his workplace, because it was “an English speaking business”.

Cormac Ó Bruic, who hails from Baile Gainín, Feothneach, claims he was reprimanded for speaking Irish in The Flying Enterprise, a Cork city bar where’s he’s worked for the past eight months.
According to Cormac Ó Bruic, he and another Corca Dhuibhne man spoke Irish for a few minutes each day in their place of work – The Flying Enterprise bar in Cork City.


He also said he would also speak Irish to Irish-speaking customers.

Cormac claims he was reprimanded for speaking Irish in the workplace.

He no longer works at The Flying Enterprise and has since began work in a Dingle restaurant.

Speaking to Radio Kerry today, Cormac said he was very disappointed.

He said there’s lot Irish in Cork City and thought, in this day and age, having the ability to speak Irish would be welcomed as an advantage by employers:

A statement released by The Flying Enterprise said they employ up to 70 people – with six nationalities represented – whom they say “respect that, while at work, the most sensible and practical language to speak is English”.

The statement added “Cormac was not fired or dismissed – and did engage with the HR process” before deciding “to leave before the process was concluded”.

The incident has sparked outrage within the Irish speaking community – Conradh na Gaeilge has today called for legislative protection for language rights in the workplace.