« BackCabinet to consider whether to appeal Apple tax ruling

A special cabinet meeting is due this morning to consider whether Ireland should appeal the Apple tax ruling.

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But the position of the Independent Alliance has not yet been agreed ahead of this morning’s meeting.

If it came down to a straightforward Dáil vote, an appeal against the European Commission’s ruling on Apple’s back taxes would be easily passed.

Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour are all in favour. Granting it easily 100 votes .

But the decision right now rests with the Cabinet, where the position is not so straightforward.

The Independent Alliance was last night unable to agree on its position – and is to hold another meeting this morning to finalise its position.

It’s believed their ministers are deeply unhappy at the idea of turning down a € 13 billion tax payment – even if they believe the circumstances are sketchy.

But the Alliance is still likely to get behind the idea before the cabinet meeting at 11:30.

The status of the other two independent ministers, as of last night, wasn’t known.