« BackAlmost 20,400 first preferences see Michael Healy-Rae elected

Michael Healy-Rae has been elected on the first count in the Kerry Constituency.


The Kilgarvan TD had a storming performance with 20,378 votes – the highest first preference of any candidate in the country.

Michael Healy-Rae was elected to Dail Eireann in 2011 and took the third seat with 6,670 first preferences.

His performance will help his brother Danny win a second seat in the Dail. The Kerry County Councillor has had an equally strong performance and a voting strategy for the brothers has paid off.

The first count was delayed after Returning Officer Padraig Burke decided to recheck the first preferences.

The result of the first count is

Brassil, John, FF – 8,156

Corcorcan, Donal, Renua – 716

Deenihan, Jimmy, FG – 6,489

Ferris, Martin, SF – 9,458

Finucane, Brian, PBP/AAA – 981

Fitzgerald, Michael, Green Party – 1,011

Fitzgibbon, Mary, Ind – 635

Gaynor, Henry, Ind – 147

Griffin, Brendan, FG – 9,674

Healy-Rae, Danny, Ind – 9,991

Healy-Rae, Michael, Ind – 20,378

Moriarty, Norma, FF – 4,348

Murphy, Kevin, Ind – 464

O’Donnell, Grace, FG – 776

O’Gorman, Michael Pixie, Ind – 1,236

Spring, Arthur, Lab – 4,813

The quota is 13,213

Invalid or spoiled votes – 476

Based on first preferences the field is as follows….

  1. Michael Healy Rae (elected)
  2. Danny Healy Rae
  3. Brendan Griffin
  4. Martin Ferris
  5. John Brassil
  6. Jimmy Deenihan
  7. Arthur Spring
  8. Norma Moriarty
  9. Michael Pixie O’Gorman
  10. Michael Fitzgerald
  11. Brian Finucane
  12. Grace O’Donnell
  13. Donal Corcoran
  14. Mary Fitzgibbon
  15. Kevin Murphy
  16. Henry Gaynor


Returning Officer Padraig Burke deemed Michael Healy Rae elected.

Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre erupted in celebrations.

The count has now been suspended until tomorrow morning when count 2 will begin.