« Back94 allegations made against members of Gardai in Kerry Division

94 allegations were made against members of An Garda Siochana in the Kerry Division last year.

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That’s according to the annual report by the Garda Ombudsman Commission.

Nationally, there was just under 2,000 complaints made to GSOC last year; within these complaints there was over 4,200 allegations as there can be several allegations attached to one complaint.

Over a third of allegations relate to an abuse of authority on behalf of the Gardaí.

Following this, allegations are made about neglect of duty, a criminal offence, discourtesy, falsehood or prevarication and improper use of information.

In 2015, the GSOC report shows there was 94 allegations made in the Kerry Garda Division.

The highest number of allegations in the country last year was made in the south central division of the Dublin Metropolitan Area at 407.

There were also two independent investigations following referrals by the Gardaí in the Kerry Division last year; these investigations arise where it appears to the Garda Commissioner that the conduct of a member of the Gardaí may have resulted in the death of or serious harm to a person.

Nationally, the most common circumstances leading to referrals to GSOC in 2015 were road traffic incidents.