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32 Kerry water supplies are in need of improvement and could pose a risk to consumers.

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That’s according to the Environmental Protection Agency has published its Drinking Water report for 2014. Works on 7 schemes were completed last year, two are to be completed this year, six next year, but 13 supplies on the list have no time frame for completion. The most recent remedial action list from the EPA for quarter two of this year shows 109 supplies around the country are in need of improvement. 32 supplies are in Kerry and serve 130,159 people and many have been on the list since 2009. The EPA says this highlights the significant requirement for improvements to supplies in the county. Fourteen supplies serving 94,366 people have inadequate treatment for Cryptosporidium, nine supplies serving 23,314 people with elevated levels of trihalomethanes, which are byproducts of the disinfection process. 6 supplies from a single source had elevated levels of pesticides, two supplies had microbiological failures and one supply reported poor removal of matter. Last year the EPA initiated a prosecution in relation to the Lissardboola/Lisloose Public Water Supply but the summons was withdrawn as the necessary remedial works were complete at the time the case came before the court.