« Back22 Kerry drinking water supplies identified as at risk

water from tap in a glass22 drinking water supplies in Kerry have been identified as at risk in the latest EPA Remedial Action List.

The list is part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Drinking Water Report for 2015 released today.


This report shows that 59 water supplies across the country have high levels of Trihalomethanes – which are a by-product of the disinfection process – the majority, 22 are in Kerry.

The EPA Remedial Action List shows that 10 Kerry drinking water supplies have inadequate treatment for Cryptosporidium; two are failing to meet E.coli standards; and one has poor turbidity removal – which is the removal of particles which causes coloration of the supply.

The Templenoe supply exceeds the WHO limit for pesticides; source protection measures need be implemented to protect this drinking water.

The supply in Lyreacrompane exceeded the bromate limit – bromate can be a disinfection by-product in the raw water; however, Irish Water has since switched to using an ultra-low bromate sodium disinfectant and no further exceedances were detected.