« Back21% suggest English Market type-use for former Denny site in Tralee

Over a fifth of people surveyed have suggested they would favour an English Market type use, similar to that in Cork, for Tralee’s Island of the Geese site.



Kerry County Council published a summary of 766 submissions received from the public in relation to the future use of the former Denny Bacon Factory, gifted to the people of Tralee by Kerry Group in 2014.

The council engaged in six-week non-statutory and informal public consultation process to establish views in relation to what should become of the 2.3-acre site at the Island of Geese.

KERRY COUNTY COUNCIL BEGINS PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON FUTURE OF ICONIC TRALEE SITE . Kerry County Council Editorial Use Only on all images . Pictures from inside the Denny Bacon Factory site, Island of Geese, Tralee 2016, for the launch of public consultation by Kerry County Council. " The Editorial Use Only license means that the image can only be used for non-commercial purposes. "Editorial Use" " Photo By : Domnick Walsh © Eye Focus LTD © Tralee Co Kerry Ireland Phone Mobile 087 / 2672033 L/Line 066 71 22 981 E/mail - info@dwalshphoto.ie www.dwalshphoto.com PRESS INFO -- KERRY COUNTY COUNCIL BEGINS PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON FUTURE OF ICONIC TRALEE SITE Kerry County Council has announced the first phase of public consultation on the future use of the Denny Bacon Factory site in Tralee, which was donated to the people of Tralee by Kerry Group in 2014. The Council has received €1.5m in EU funding for the regeneration of the historic site which has enormous and exciting potential for the wider revitalisation of Tralee. The opening of consultation on the future of the ‘The Island of Geese’ – the historic name of that part of Tralee – coincides with the launch of a new website, www.theislandtralee.ie which will allow people to log on and submit ideas. Survey forms are also being made available at up to 20 locations around Tralee. Over the next six weeks, members of the public will be able to propose ideas which will be used to form a master-plan for the 2.3 acre site, a minimum of 30% of which will be retained as a public amenity space. All responses will be examined by the Council as that master-plan is developed. An on-site mobile unit has been opened inside the main entrance to the former factory which members of the public can visit over the coming weeks to discuss their proposals for maximising the economic, cultural, social and civic potential of the factory site. (See social media and website for opening times). A display of images
Almost one third of a total of 766 respondents suggested a mixed use for the site.
A breakdown of preferences found 20.8% favoured arts and culture inform the site’s development.
20.66% specified the site be developed for social and community uses.
18.28% sought it be used as a public amenity space, while 15.54% touted sports and recreational use of the site.
10.86% of the public said the site should be developed as a retail space, with 9.37% saying it should be developed for tourism.
2.76% said it should be developed as a residential space, with 1.74% saying office space development would be preferable.
In the comments section of the survey, 21% of respondents said they would like to see the area – or part of it – used as a farmers’ market, food market similar to the English Market in Cork.
Almost 7% proposed a skate park for the site.
Mayor of Tralee, Cllr Terry O’Brien said the level of engagement was unprecedented and provided a useful consultation template for the future.