Mystery surrounds cause of numerous crashes on south Kerry road

Residents on the outskirts of Kenmare say they have no idea why so many road traffic accidents are taking place on one stretch of road in the area. car crash There have been over 20 accidents at Killowen near Kenmare in the past few years with five crashes alone in the last five months. Most of the accidents occur during the hours of darkness but their cause remains a mystery. Colm Murphy, whose mother-in-law, Maura has seen part of her wall knocked on several occasions by motorists crashing into it, says there is no apparent reason for the incidents. The fear is, Colm says, that somebody will be killed: [audio_player src=””] In response, Kerry County Council said it received a Low Cost Safety Improvement Grant of €8,000 from the Department of Transportin 2013 which was used to provide additional warning signage in advance of the bend.