Muscular Dystrophy Ireland launch national Harley Davidson Raffle in Killarney

MDI.jpegMuscular Dystrophy Ireland (MDI) launched its National Harley Davidson Raffle fundraiser, as part of the Ireland Bikefest 2016 in Killarney today. Muscular dystrophy is a rare, and potentially life-limiting, muscle-wasting condition that is estimated to affect approximately 1,500 people across Ireland. There is no known cure. The launch was hosted by the Independent T.D.’s Michael and Danny Healy-Rae. As community partner for Bikefest since its inception ten years ago, MDI has held a national raffle offering one lucky participant the chance to win a Harley Davidson motorcycle. In previous years, all funds raised have gone towards ensuring the continuation of essential supports and services for people with muscular dystrophy, and their families, all around Ireland. This year, however, all funds raised will go towards the development and improvement of MDI services in County Kerry, as the first commitment of MDI to increase its service provision across the country.