Minister says legislation could not have prevented Killarney festival cancellation

A junior minister has said that it would never be possible to legislate to prevent the cancellation of events like the Killraney Festival of Music and Food. Killarney Festival of Music and Food Minister of State, Paudie Coffey, made the comments in the Dáil during a debate on proposals to prevent a repeat of the Garth Brooks concerts fiasco last summer. Just days before the high-profile Killarney Festival of Music and Food was due to go ahead it was cancelled by promoters. It’s understood that disappointing ticket sales – for acts like Duran Duran, Burt Bacharah and Texas – were the main reason behind the decision. Speaking during a Dáil debate on proposals to prevent the debacles over the Garth Brooks concerts in Dublin last year, Minister of State Paudie Coffey said new regulations will provide greater certainty in the event licensing process. He said that minor problems will always arise in the area however such as the cancellation of the Killarney event due to poor ticket sales. Minister Coffey added that it was not possible to provide for every eventuality in event licensing legislation.