Michael Healy-Rae says he abstained because he couldn’t vote against programme for Government

michael healy rae TD kerry southMichael Healy-Rae says he abstained in the vote for Enda Kenny as Taoiseach as it would have meant voting against the programme for Government. The Kerry Independent TD had been in talks about supporting a minority Fine Gael government. Deputy Michael Healy-Rae says the programme for Government agreed is not perfect but that he’d succeeded in making sure that issues of concern to people in Kerry and rural Ireland as a whole would be dealt with. He says to vote against Enda Kenny for Taoiseach would have meant a vote against all the work that was put into the programme. However, the TD hasn’t given the full reason why he opted for abstention rather than casting a vote for the Fine Gael leader. He says he’s glad there will be a new ministry for regional development and rural affairs to address the imbalance between major centres of population and rural Ireland. Michael Healy-Rae’s brother and fellow independent TD, Deputy Danny Healy-Rae, voted against Enda Kenny.