MEP says German demands on Irish lorry drivers are unreasonable

Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune says German demands on Irish lorry drivers are unreasonable. deirdre_clune_4_site-211x300 Ms Clune who is on the EU transport committee has received written assurances from the EU transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc that she is taking action against Germany for their treatment of Irish lorry drivers. A new German minimum wage of €8.50 not only applies to those living in Germany but also for truck drivers who are passing through the country.While the Irish minimum wage is already above the new German rate at €8.65, the problem is compliance. Germany requires that anyone stopped on the roadside must produce contracts of employment, payslips or records of working hours whilst in Germany. Ms Clune says an Irish lorry driver working on the continent for a short period wouldn’t have access to payslips or timesheets until they return to Ireland and this is putting an unnecessary administrative burden on Irish lorry drivers. She says it is also costing them money, putting drivers at risk of heavy fines.