Members of Tralee Mountaineering Club airlifted from Spain’s highest mountain

Tralee Mountaineering Club, photo by Billy Horan.

Five members of a Kerry mountaineering club were airlifted from the top of Spain’s highest mountain where they had to spend the night.

Members of Tralee Mountaineering Club had reached the summit of Mount Teide in Tenerife last Wednesday.

Mount Teide has a summit of more than 3,700 metres – more than three times the height of Carrauntoohill.

An emergency arose when people became trapped in two cable cars that stopped working mid-air.

Emergency services operated a pulley system to get 70 people who were trapped in the cable cars back to ground.

Although they were not part of the groups trapped in the cable cars, fifteen members of Tralee Mountaineering Club became involved in the drama.

They had made it to the mountain’s summit when the emergency broke. Ten members of the club walked back down to the base station.

However, five members remained as two were unable to walk down; one suffered altitude sickness and the other person had twisted an ankle

Paul Walsh was part of the group that stayed overnight on Mount Teide.Food, water and shelter were provided for 111 people that night. The next day they were airlifted.

Paul Walsh described conditions to Kerry Today’s Jerry O’Sulllivan.