Marita Ann crew members to take part in Sinn Féin 1916 launch

The crew members of the Marita Ann are to take part in the launch of Sinn Féin’s programme of events in Kerry to mark the centenary of 1916. Cabra Historical Society In 1984, the Naval Service detained the Marita Ann trawler off the Kerry coast and arms and explosives, intended for the IRA, were seized. Sinn Féin will launch its programme of events this Saturday afternoon at the promenade on Banna Strand. The Cabra Historical Society from Dublin who’ll be dressed in 1916 period volunteer costume with rifles will also be present.Sinn Féin will give details of events across the county to commemorate the centenary of the Easter Rising. The party’s press statement states that crew members of the Marita Ann along with Sinn Féin members and the Cabra Historical Society will lay wreaths at the launch in Banna. Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris was among those arrested on board the vessel when the Naval Service found arms and explosives on board. He served ten years in jail. State papers revealed that the Irish and British governments in 1984 believed that James Whitey Bulger, the infamous Irish-American criminal, was involved in the shipment.