Marine Casualty report into Fatal canoeing accident in Templenoe is published

A report into the death of a man in a canoeing accident in Templenoe last year found that the absence of lifejackets and the presence of two untethered dogs likely contributed to the fatal accident.
55 year old Bill Topham’s body was recovered from Kenmare Bay on February 1st last year.
The alarm was raised the previous day when the canoe capsized, another man on board managed to swim to safety.
The report by the Marine Casualty Investigation Board said canoeing has an inevitable element of natural risk and the solution to managing the risk is a combination of experience, techniques and safety.
The report found that the voyage was undertaken in adverse weather conditions and was not suitable for the use of a laden canoe.
It said the two men did not take the basic caution of wearing lifejackets.
The report also concluded that it is likely the carriage of two untethered dogs and their increased activity contributed to the capsize.
The Marine Casualty Investigation Board recommends that the Code of Practice for the Safe Operation of Recreational Craft should be published on a wider basis.