Margo gives emotional plea to Mary Boyle killer at Killarney concert


Last night in Killarney Irish country singer Margo O’Donnell gave an emotional plea to Mary Boyle’s killer to give up the child’s remains.

Mary Boyle is Ireland’s longest and youngest missing person, and was six when she vanished on her grandparents’ isolated farm in Donegal in 1977.

A distant cousin of Mary’s, Margo has spent almost 40 years seeking justice for the six-year-old schoolgirl and she made the plea at the end of her concert in the INEC last night.

Tonight at the Killarney Cinema a special screening of  ‘Mary Boyle – The Untold Story’ will take place at 6.30.

Margo will attend the screening and take part in a Q&A discussion afterwards with the director of the documentary, investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty.