Man accused of being ISIS recruiter fears he’ll be tortured if deported

By DubhEire (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia CommonsLawyers for a man accused of being an ISIS recruiter say it’s highly likely the Irish authorities have told Jordanian authorities of their suspicions. As a result, they fear he’ll be detained and possibly tortured if he’s deported to his homeland. The man, who can’t be identified, arrived in 2000 and withdrew his application for refugee status after securing residency through the birth of his son. His permit wasn’t renewed after his son returned to the Middle East three years ago, and a judgement on his appeal against a deportation order is due next month. His lawyers are also trying to get the State to process his original application for asylum because they say it was never refused – merely withdrawn. Gardai believe he’s a threat to our national security because of alleged links to ISIS. He denies the allegations and fears he’ll be tortured because of them if he’s sent home. The State claims there’s no reason to believe he’ll be detained if he’s deported to Jordan, but his lawyers believe the threat exists by the very nature of the allegations made. Mr. Justice Richard Humphreys will make his judgement at a later date.