Locals have considered repairing North Kerry road themselves

A road in North Kerry is in such poor condition that locals have considered repairing it themselves. Roadworks sign Members of the Listowel Municipal District have received a deputation from residents of Killocrim in North Kerry, who say the roads in the area are in need of urgent repair. At the monthly meeting, Councillor Mike Kennelly requested the reception of a deputation from the residents of Killocrim, Listowel. The Fine Gael Councillor says the potholes on the roads in the area pose a serious risk to both drivers and pedestrians, and the situation is worsened by the unkempt hedges. Speaking on behalf of the residents of Killocrim, Paidi Lynch and Mike Brosnan claim locals would have attempted to repair the roads themselves, were it not for the legal issues. In response, County Senior Engineer Johnny Sheehan says the route is not currently on any roads improvement scheme, and he estimates a cost of over €400,000 for basic remedial surfacing works. However, the members of the council could not pledge to undertake any works in the near future.