Listenership to Radio Kerry increases

Radio Kerry has increased its listenership according to the latest JNLR radio listenership figures.

The station now has a market share of 53% in Kerry, which compares to 16.2% for RTE Radio 1, 11.1% for Spin SW, and 7% for Today FM.

This makes listenership to Radio Kerry higher than that of all other radio stations available in the county combined.

83,000 people or 70% of all people who listen to radio in the county on a weekly basis tune in to Radio Kerry.

The survey shows that radio listenership in Ireland remains high with the average person tuning in for over 4 hours a day.

The recent storms have shown local radio was also considered the best and most reliable way to reach people immediately and efficently.

Radio Kerry General Manager Fiona Stack thanked listeners and advertisers for their continued support and loyalty to the station.