Lidl to pay €5,000 after 16 year old purchased alcohol in Listowel branch

LidlLidl has been ordered to pay €5,000 after selling alcohol to a minor in their Listowel store. Listowel District Court heard that on April 24th, 2015 Gardaí carried out a “test purchase” where Garda Cliona Walsh observed a 16 year old girl purchase a bottle of ‘Sunrise Rum’ at the checkout. The court heard Garda Walsh observed the cashier scan the item and receive payment without requesting ID. Judge James O’Connor asked if the 16 year old “looked like a 16 year old, or was she polished up”? Superintendant Dan Keane replied she was dressed as a “typical 16 year old”. District Manager Coleman O’Flaherty told the court that there had been “a lot going on” that day as work was being carried out in-store. He said the store assistant in question had worked there for ten years and was a trustworthy individual. Mr O’Flaherty said it was “an honest mistake” and she believed, when she looked at the girl, that she was 18. Senior Counsel Constance Cassidy, said this was only the second in 16 years across 146 Lidl stores in Ireland such an incident had occurred. She offered €5,000 to be paid to the court poor-box. The matter was adjourned to Tralee District Court, Wednesday April 13th to be struck out.