Killarney residents’ association calls for end to unacceptable anti-social behaviour

A Killarney residents’ association is calling for an end to what they call unacceptable anti-social behaviour.


They made the appeal after a woman spoke out when vandals attacked her home in Ballyspillane and attempted to set fire to her oil tank.

Ballyspillane Residents Association is also encouraging parents to know where their children are, and to respect neighbours, property, and the community.
The Ballyspillane Residents Association says the actions of these youths – who threw objects at the woman’s house and tried to set fire to the oil tank, could have had more serious consequences.

They say this type of dangerous behaviour is totally unacceptable and no resident should have to put up with it.

They’re encouraging parents to know where their children are, and for people to respect their neighbours, property, and community environment.

Ballyspillane residents are working closely with Killarney Gardaí and Kerry County Council to get additional community policing and crime prevention resources, but the residents association says progress is slow.

The Ballyspillane Residents Association is advising all residents to report incidents of anti-social behaviour to Killarney Gardaí.